Brightstep is the nation’s premier family of service brands in the valet trash industry, creating an ecosystem of opportunity for our partners and certainty for our customers.

Who We Are

Through thoughtful, unified support, we help our brand companies take the next step with technology and experience to provide the nation’s premier valet trash and ancillary services. Because creating success together is our goal, we intentionally build strong relationships and trust with our partners for lasting impact that makes all our work meaningful.

We Clean Up Well

Our focus is simple—we work to strengthen every company in the Brightstep™ brand family.

+ Acquisition planning and integration
+ Growth planning and strategic tactics
+ Brand and tech unification

+ Scalable resources and support
+ Simplified cost leverage
+ Back-office management

Working Together

Above all, Brightstep values a culture of relationships. Through supporting our team members and helping them focus on excellent customer service, we enable our brand companies to show a devotion to quality, a strong work ethic, and an energized outlook on valet trash.

+ Creating new growth within our companies
+ Generating new levels of success in the industry
+ Inviting board interaction.
+ Building a strong foundation of trust with our partners 

Together, we make valet trash better.

At Brightstep™ we’re a lifestyle brand—supporting our team, crafting great experiences for our customers, and using technology to change the industry for the better.

Our Core Values


Relationships Rule


Work Until It’s Done


Ever Expanding


Seeking the Best Way

“As an owner, I have learned so much in the short time I have been with Brightstep™. I am grateful for the leadership and mentorship I have received.”

“Brightstep™ does things right. I’m excited to see how much we will be able to scale our valet trash brand in 2023 because of this partnership.”

“I chose Brightstep™ because of the family environment and relationship focus. I know they believe in me and my brand.”


Brightstep™ provides our team with a family culture that does the right thing—and above all, treats people right. Each brand in our family is provided with the opportunity to scale with us and thrive with the services we provide to help them grow. By joining Brightstep, our partners become a part of something bigger—a cut above the rest.

Explore Our Brands


  • Door-to-door valet residential trash collection
  • Common area waste collection
  • Pet station waste removal services
  • Pet park cleaning + deodorizing
  • Trash chute and chute access cleaning + deodorizing
  • Pressure washing services
  • Removal and disposal of bulky items + debris
  • Vacant apartment and garage clean out + trash out
  • Trash room cleaning + deodorizing
  • Dryer vent cleaning services

Brightstep™ Brands

Servicing Communities Nationwide

Serviced by GreenWay Waste & Recycling

Serviced by Affinity Waste Solutions

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